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Checking the Error Log

If files could not be stored due to printing errors, identify the cause of the errors by checking the error log on the control panel.


  • The most recent 30 errors are stored in the error log. If a new error is added when there are 30 errors already stored, the oldest error is deleted. However, if the earliest error is a Sample Print, Locked Print, Hold Print, or Stored Print error, it is not deleted. The error is stored separately until the number of errors reaches 30.

  • If the power is turned off, the log is deleted.

  • You cannot view [Error Log] on the simple screen.

1Press the [Home] key on the top left of the control panel, and press the [Printer] icon on the screen.

Home key illustration

2Press [Error Log].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Select the error log you want to check, and then press [Details].