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Registering a destination in the address book manually

1Press the tab of the function you want to use.

Operation panel screen illustration

2In the destination field, display the destination you want to register.

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [Prg. Dest.].

4Press [Names], and then specify the name and other information to be registered.

For details about specifying the information to be registered, see "Registering Addresses and Users for Facsimile/Scanner Functions", Connecting the Machine/ System Settings.

5Press [OK].


  • Depending on the security setting, [Prg. Dest.] may not appear. In such case, you cannot complete the registration.

  • You can also register a destination selected from the LDAP server. To register in the machine's address book a destination searched for and selected from the LDAP server, display the destination, and then press [Prg. Dest.].