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Slip Sheets

A slip sheet can be inserted between each page.

If the PCL 6 printer driver is used, Slip Sheet can be specified in the [Paper] menu on the [Detailed Settings] tab. If the PCL 5c printer driver is used, it can be specified in the [Paper] tab. For printing methods, see the printer driver Help.


  • The same paper feed tray cannot be set for the body of the document and the slip sheets.

  • The slip sheet should be the same size and orientation as the body paper.

Prints on slip sheets

Illustration of slip sheets

Leaves slip sheets blank

Illustration of slip sheets

Slip sheets prevent OHP transparencies from sticking together.

Illustration of slip sheets


  • When cover sheet is specified, you cannot insert slip sheets.

  • When Sample Print is specified with Slip Sheets, only the first copy will be printed. The setting to print the rest of the copies is not stored on the printer.

  • 2 sided printing, booklet printing, collate, and staple function will be canceled when using slip sheets.