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Notes on Configuring the Collate Function

Collate may be canceled under the following conditions:

Conditions where Rotate Collate will be canceled

Under the following conditions, Rotating Collate will be canceled and Shift Collate will be applied instead.

  • When combined with the staple function.

  • When combined with the punch function.

  • When jobs containing pages of various sizes are set.

  • When a paper tray is specified.

  • When combined with the cover sheet or back cover sheet functions.

  • When combined with the slip sheet function.

  • When combined with the chaptering function.

  • When a custom size paper is set.

  • When the output tray has the shift function.

Conditions where Shift Collate will be canceled

  • When the output tray does not support the shift function.

  • When only one page is printed.


  • If the information icon (Icon illustration) is displayed next to the "Collate:" list, you cannot specify collate function. Click the information icon (Icon illustration) to check why collate function is unavailable.

  • When Collate or rotation is specified in the printer driver, make sure [Application Collate] is not selected. The output may not come out as desired. Specify [Printer Collate] when printing the document.

  • If you cannot configure Shift Collate even with an optional finisher installed, options may not be set up correctly in the printer driver. To correct the printer driver's option settings, see "Configuring Option Settings for the Printer", Driver Installation Guide.

  • The paper size and number of sheets supported by Collate, Rotating Collate and Shift Collate functions differ depending on the attached option. For details, see "Specifications", Maintenance and Specifications.