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Using the machine's Address Book as the LAN-Fax destination list

Using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, you can copy the machine's Address Book data as a CSV file to a computer. This file can then be imported to the LAN-Fax destination list using the LAN-Fax Address Book. This section explains how to use the Address Book for LAN-Fax.

To use this function, you must first download SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin from the manufacturer's Web site and install it on your computer. Contact your local dealer for information on downloading SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.

Copying the machine's Address Book to a computer

For details about operating procedure, see the SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin Help.

  1. Launch SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.

    • If machine names are not displayed in the list:

      If nothing is displayed in the list, select [Search/Monitoring Settings] on the [Searched Device List] menu, specify the range of IP addresses. For example, if the range of IP addresses is–, select the [Specify Address] check box, and then enter "" in the [From] box and "" in the [To] box. Click [Add], and then [OK].

      If the machine's IP address still does not appear in the list, check the settings of any security applications that are installed, as these settings might be disabling display of the IP address.

      You can check the machine's IP address on the control panel using [Machine IPv4 Address] on the [System Settings] menu. For details, see "Interface Settings", Connecting the Machine/ System Settings.

  2. Select the model of your machine, click [Address Management Tool] on the [Tools] menu.

  3. In the [Enter Authentication Information] dialog box, specify the user name and password, and then click [OK].

    Contact your administrator for the user name and password.

  4. In the [Address Management Tool] dialog box, click [Export Data] on the [File] menu.

    If the “The password information cannot be reused in any device.” message appears, click [OK].

  5. Select where to store the file, and then click [Save].

    The following three files will be stored:

    • "Machinemodel_addr.csv"

    • "Machinemodel_faxinfo.csv"

    • "Machinemodel_taginfo.csv"

    "Machinemodel_addr.csv" will be used as the Address Book file.

  6. Close the [Address Management Tool] dialog box, and then close SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.

Using the Address Book stored in the computer for LAN-Fax

You can import the Address Book CSV file on the LAN-Fax Address Book and save it as a LAN-Fax destination list. You can use it on the LAN-Fax Driver.

For details about operating procedure, see the LAN-Fax Driver and Address Book Help.

  1. On the [Start] menu, point to [All Programs], [LAN-Fax Generic Utilities], and then click [Address Book].

  2. Click [Import...].

  3. Select [SmartDeviceMonitor CSV Files(*.csv)] from the box at the bottom right of the screen, and then select the Address Book CSV file.

    Select "Machinemodel_addr.csv".

  4. Click [Open].

  5. Select where to store the LAN-Fax destination list and enter the file name, and then click [Save].

  6. Specify [Address Book Name:] and other settings.

  7. Click [OK].

  8. If the confirmation message appears, click [Yes].

  9. Open a document that you want to send, and then open the LAN-Fax Driver screen.

  10. Make sure that the [Address Book] tab is selected.

  11. Click [Manage...].

  12. Click [Add].

  13. Select the LAN-Fax destination list file (.rfa), and then click [Open].

  14. Click [OK].

  15. Select the name of the LAN-Fax destination list in the [Address Book:] box.

  16. Select the [Device Address] check box if necessary.

    Selecting the [Device Address] check box allows you to specify a destination for which [Use device address] is enabled on the LAN-Fax Address Book.

  17. Select a destination from the list.


  • When destinations registered in groups by this machine are inserted into Address Book, each person's destination is determined according to the following order of priority (check before inserting and changing the order of priority, if necessary): IP-Fax destination Fax number E-mail address

  • Depending on the machine type, you may not be able to use the machine when it is updating the Address Book using CSV files (retrieved using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin) that contain user codes.