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Adding the Internet Fax machine information of a new destination

Use Web Image Monitor to add a new destination to the Address Book.

For details about Web Image Monitor, see Web Image Monitor Help.

1Log in to Web Image Monitor as an administrator.

See Connecting the Machine/ System Settings for details.

2Click [Address Book] on the [Device Management] menu in the left pane.

3Click [Detail Input].

4Click [Add User].

5Enter the registration number, name, and e-mail address, then set the necessary properties.

You can set the Internet Fax data format after entering the e-mail address.

6Click [Full Mode] under [Internet Fax Data Format], and set the properties according to the receiver's properties.

If you change the mode to [Simple Mode], you cannot set machine properties.

7Click [OK] at the upper or lower left of the screen.

8Quit Web Image Monitor.