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Convenient Functions

Registering Frequently Used Functions

You can store frequently used job settings in the machine memory and recall them easily.

Customizing the [Home] Screen

You can add shortcuts to frequently used programs or Web pages in the [Home] screen. The programs or Web pages can be recalled easily by pressing the shortcut icons. You can rearrange the order of the function and shortcut icons.

Managing Machine Status and Jobs

You can check the machine status and maintenance information, and manage jobs stored on the machine.

Displaying Web Pages on the Display Panel (Browser Function)

You can access the Internet using the machine and print Web pages that are displayed on the display panel.

Sending Scan Files to My E-mail Address

You can send scan files to your e-mail address that is registered in the Address Book.

Operating the Machine from a Smart Device

You can easily operate the machine from a smart device by using the Smart Device Connector application.