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How to Read This Manual



Model-Specific Information

Positions of WARNING and CAUTION labels

Power Switch Symbols

Manuals for This Printer

List of Option

Operating Instructions

Reading the HTML Manuals on the CD-ROMs

Reading the HTML Manuals That You Install on the Computer

Guide to the Printer

Exterior: Front View

Exterior: Rear View


Control Panel

Installing the Printer and Options

Installing the Printer

Where to Put the Printer


Turning the Power On

Selecting the Display Language

Test Printing

Installing Option

Attaching Paper Feed Unit

Connecting the Printer

Network Connection

Reading the LED Lamps

USB Connection


Ethernet Configuration

Specifying an IP Address for IPv4 (No DHCP)

Receiving an IP Address for IPv4 Automatically (DHCP)

Specifying an IP Address for IPv6 (No DHCP)

Receiving an IP Address for IPv6 Automatically (DHCP)

Setting the Ethernet Speed

Paper and Other Media

Paper and Other Medias Supported by This Printer

Paper Recommendations

Loading Paper

Storing Paper

Types of Paper and Other Media

Specifications of Paper Types

Paper Not Supported by This Printer

Paper Storage Precautions

Print Area

Loading Paper

Loading Paper in Tray 1

Loading Paper in the Bypass Tray

Loading Paper in Tray 2

Loading Envelopes in Bypass Tray

Replacing Consumables

Replacing the Print Cartridge

Cleaning the Printer

Cautions to Take When Cleaning

Cleaning the Friction Pad and the Paper Feed Roller


Error & Status Messages on the Control Panel

Panel Indicator

Printer Does Not Print

When the Printer is Directly Connected to a Computer via USB Cable

Other Printing Problems

Additional Troubleshooting

Removing Misfed Paper

When Paper is Jammed

When “Internal Misfeed”, “Misfeed: Tray 1”, “Misfeed: Tray 2”, or “Misfd: Stnd Tray” Appears

When “Misfd: BypssTray” Appears

When “Misfd: Dupl Unit” Appears


If the Printer is Not Going to Be Used for a Long Time

Preparing the Printer For a Long Period of Inactivity

Using the Printer Again after it has been Inactive for a Long Period

Moving and Transporting the Printer

Moving over a Short Distance

Moving over a Long Distance



Print Cartridge


Main Unit