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Other Transmission Features

Advanced Features

Setting SUB Codes for Transmission

Setting SEP Codes for Reception

SEP Code RX Reserve Report

SEP Code RX Result Report

On Hook Dial

Manual Dial

Sending Internet Fax/E-mail that Bypasses the SMTP Server

Sending at a Specific Time (Send Later)

Requesting a Reception Notice

Setting an Internet Fax/E-mail Destination as a BCC

Confirming Transmission Results by E-mail

Entering the Subject for Internet Fax/E-mail

Auto-Generated Subjects for Internet Fax/E-mail

Entering the Text for Internet Fax/E-mail

Standard Message Stamp

Auto Reduce

Label Insertion

Closed Network

Fax Header Print

Security Settings to E-mails

Sending Encrypted E-mail

Sending E-mail with a Signature