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User Guide
Guide to the Machine
This chapter provides basic information about the product and this manual.
Getting Started
This chapter describes procedures for installing and configuring the machine, connecting options to the machine, and handling paper.
Using the Printer Function
This chapter describes the printer functions.
Using the Copier Function
This chapter describes the copier functions.
Using the Scanner Function
This chapter describes the scanner functions.There are two scanning methods: scanning using the control panel and scanning from the computer (TWAIN scanning).
Using the Fax Function
This chapter describes the fax functions.
Configuring the Machine Using the Control Panel
This chapter describes how to configure and adjust the machine's operational settings using the control panel.The machine can be operated using its default, but the configuration can be changed depending on the needs of the user. Changes to settings are stored even if the machine is turned off.
Configuring the Machine Using Web Image Monitor
You can check the machine's status or change its settings by accessing the machine directly using Web Image Monitor.
This chapter provides a guide for solving problems in operating the machine.
This chapter describes how to maintain the machine.