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Configuring the IPsec Global Settings

Click the [IPsec Global Settings] tab on the IPsec settings page to configure the IPsec global settings.

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IPsec Function

Select whether to enable or disable IPsec.

Default Policy

Select whether to allow for the default IPsec policy.

Broadcast and Multicast Bypass

Select the services that you do not want to apply IPsec from the following:

[DHCPv4], [DHCPv6], [SNMP], [mDNS], [NetBIOS], [UDP Port 53550]

All ICMP Bypass

Select whether to apply IPsec to ICMP packets (IPv4 and IPv6) from the following:

  • [Active]: All ICMP packets will be bypassed without IPsec protection.

    "ping" command (echo request and echo reply) is not encapsulated by IPsec.

  • [Inactive]: Some ICMP message types will be bypassed without IPsec protection.