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Configuring the IPv6 Settings

Click the [IPv6 Configuration] tab on the network settings page to configure the IPv6 settings.

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Select whether to enable or disable IPv6. You cannot disable IPv6 using Web Image Monitor if the printer is currently in use in an IPv6 environment. In this case, use the control panel to disable [IPv6] under [Network Setting].

When disabled, [DHCP], [Manual Configuration Address], [Prefix Length], and [Gateway Address] below cannot be configured.

IPv6 Address




Select whether or not the printer obtains its IPv6 address from a DHCP server. To specify the printer's IPv6 address manually, select [Inactive] and enter the printer's IPv6 address in [Manual Configuration Address].

IP Address (DHCP)

Displays the IPv6 address obtained from the DHCP server when [DHCP] is set to [Active].

Stateless Address

Displays up to four stateless auto addresses.

Gateway Address

Displays the printer's default gateway address.

Link-local Address

Displays the link local address of the printer. The link local address is an address that is valid only inside the local network (local segment).

Manual Configuration Address

Enter the printer's IPv6 address. Can contain up to 39 characters.

Prefix Length

Enter the prefix length using a value between 0 and 128.

Gateway Address

Enter the default gateway's IPv6 address. Can contain up to 39 characters.