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Configuring I/O Timeout Settings

Click the [I/O Timeout] tab on the system settings page to configure the I/O timeout settings.

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I/O Timeout



Fixed USB Port

Specifies whether the same printer driver can be used for multiple printers or not under USB connection.

If this setting is enabled, the same printer driver you have installed in your computer can be used with any printer other than the one originally used for installation, if the printer is of the same model.

If disabled, you must install the printer driver separately for individual printers, because the printer other than the original will be recognized as a new device upon USB connection.

Locked Print Timeout (seconds)

Specifies how many seconds the printer holds a new Locked Print file, when the printer cannot store any more Locked Print files (0 to 300 seconds). Within this time, you can print or delete the new Locked Print file. You can also print or delete an existing Locked Print file so that the new Locked Print file can be stored in the printer.