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Every Web Image Monitor page is divided into the following areas:

Web browser screen numbered callout illustration

  1. Menu area

    If you select menu, its content will be shown on the work area, or the sub area.

  2. Tab area

    Contains menus for the Status and Counter modes and tabs for switching between them.

  3. FAQs/Knowledge Base

    Provides answers to commonly asked questions and other useful information about using this printer.

    Click [FAQs/Knowledge Base] to view the Frequently Asked Questions. An internet connection is required to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

  4. Main area

    Displays the contents of the item selected in the menu area.

    Printer information in the main area is not automatically updated. Click [Refresh] at the upper right in the main area to update the printer information. Click the Web browser's [Refresh] button to refresh the entire browser screen.