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Using Web Image Monitor

Using Web Image Monitor, you can check the printer status and change settings.

Available operations

The following operations can be remotely performed using Web Image Monitor on a computer:

  • Displaying the printer's status or settings

  • Configuring the printer's settings

  • Configuring the user restriction settings

  • Configuring the network settings

  • Configuring the IPsec settings

  • Printing reports

  • Setting the administrator password

  • Resetting the printer's configuration to the factory default

  • Creating backup files of the printer's configuration

  • Restoring the printer's configuration from backup files

  • Configuring the printer's Energy Saver mode setting

Configuring the printer

To perform the operations from Web Image Monitor, TCP/IP is required.

After the printer is configured to use TCP/IP, operations from Web Image Monitor become available.

Recommended Web browser

  • Internet Explorer 6 or later

  • Firefox 3.0 or later

  • Safari 3.0 or later