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Manuals for This Machine

Manuals List

What You Can Do with This Machine

Using This Machine as a Copier

Using This Machine as a Printer

Utilizing Stored Documents

Paperless Fax Transmission and Reception

Fax Transmission and Reception Over the Internet

Using the Facsimile and the Scanner in a Network Environment

Administrating the Machine/Protecting Documents (Security Functions)

Monitoring and Setting the Machine Via Computer

Preventing an Unauthorized Copy



How to Read This Manual


Machine Types


Names of Major Items

List of Options

Safety Information

Safety During Operation

Safety Precautions to Be Followed

Safety Labels of This Machine

Positions of WARNING and CAUTION labels on Types 1 and 2

Positions of WARNING and CAUTION labels on Type 3

Power Switch Symbols

Laws and Regulations

Legal Prohibition

Model-Specific Information