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Status Messages

This section describes the machine status messages.



“Hex Dump Mode”

In Hex Dump mode, the machine receives data in hexadecimal format. Turn off the main power switch after printing, and then turn it back on.

“Job Suspended...”

Printing was temporarily stopped by SmartDeviceMonitor for Client.

You can resume printing via [My Job List] in SmartDeviceMonitor for Client, or via the Web Image Monitor. To resume printing via Web Image Monitor, check with your system administrator first.


The machine is offline. To start printing, switch the machine online by pressing [Online].

“Please wait.”

This message might appear for a second or two while the machine is preparing, performing initial adjustments, or adding toner. Wait a while.


The machine is printing. Wait a while.


This is the default ready message. The machine is ready for use. No action is required.

“Resetting job...”

The machine is resetting the print job. Wait until “Ready” appears on the display panel.

“Setting change...”

The machine is changing settings. You cannot use the control panel while this message is displayed. Wait a while.

“Waiting for print data...”

The machine is waiting for the next data to print. Wait a while.