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When Memory Is Full

This section describes likely causes of and possible solutions for problems related to full memory.




“Memory is full. nn originals have been scanned. Press [Print] to copy scanned originals. Do not remove remaining originals.”

"n" in the message represents a changeable number.

The scanned originals exceed the number of pages that can be stored in memory.

Press [Print] to copy scanned originals and cancel the scanning data. Press [Stop] to cancel the scanning data and not copy.

“Press [Continue] to scan and copy remaining originals.”

The machine checked if the remaining originals should be copied, after the scanned originals were printed.

Remove all copies, and then press [Continue] to continue copying. Press [Stop] to stop copying.


  • If you set [Memory Full Auto Scan Restart] in [Input / Output] of User Tools to [On], even if the memory becomes full, the memory overflow message will not be displayed. The machine will make copies of the scanned originals first, and then automatically proceed to scan and to copy the remaining originals. In this case, the resulting sorted pages will not be sequential. For details about Memory Full Auto Scan Restart, see "Input / Output ", Copy and Document Server ReferenceIllustration indicating instructions stored on a CD-ROM.