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Sending Encrypted E-mail

Use the following procedure to specify a destination for which encryption is configured, and encrypt and send an e-mail.

Destinations for which encryption can be configured for each transmission are indicated by this symbol Operation panel screen illustration.

1Press [Security].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Select [Encryption].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [OK].


  • Encrypting e-mail will increase its size.

  • When you specify a destination denoted by the symbol Operation panel screen illustration (which indicates that e-mail sent to this destination is always encrypted) encrypted e-mail will be sent regardless of the setting specified in [Security].

  • If you have selected multiple destinations including destinations for which encryption has not been configured, e-mail sent to such destinations will not be encrypted even if you specify encryption.

  • If you selected [Store to HDD + Send], the e-mail will be encrypted, but the stored file will not be encrypted. For details about encrypting stored files, see "Encrypting Data on the Hard Disk", Security Reference.