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Overview of Sending Scan Files by E-mail

This section describes the process for sending scan files by e-mail.

Illustration of Sending Scan Files by E-mail

  1. This machine

    You can attach scan files to e-mail and send them to a mail server. You can also encrypt and/or attach a signature to the scan files you send by e-mail.

  2. SMTP server

    You need to have an access to an e-mail server that supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), to send scan files by e-mail. However, it is not essential to have an e-mail server inside the LAN where this machine belongs. It transfers a received e-mail to a specified destination through a LAN or the Internet.

  3. Client computer

    Use e-mail client software to receive e-mail messages and scan file attachments that are generated by this machine.

  4. LDAP Server

    Use this server for administering e-mail accounts, searching the network, and authenticating the computers that access the machine. Using the LDAP server, you can search for destinations from the machine.


  • This machine supports SMTPS (SMTP over SSL).

  • This machine supports Web mail sending.