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About the Scanner Functions

This section describes functions you can use in the scanner mode.

You can use the scanner functions to send scan files to computers, scan originals from a computer using the TWAIN driver, or store scan files on the machine's hard disk.

For details about each function, see respective chapters.

Sending scanned files (Network Scanner)

Scan files can be sent to or stored on a computer, and you can specify the format of a scan file according to how the file will be used.

  • Sending by e-mail

    You can send scan files to specified e-mail addresses.

    For details, see chapter 1 "Sending Scan Files by E-mail".

  • Sending to folders

    Scan files can be stored in shared network folders, or on FTP or Netware servers.

    For details, see chapter 2 "Sending Scan Files to Folders".

  • Sending using WSD

    You can use Web Services on Devices (WSD) to send scan files to a client computer.

    For details, see chapter 3 "Sending Scan Files Using WSD".

  • Delivering

    You can deliver scan files using a delivery server.

    For details, see chapter 6 "Delivering Scan Files".

Scanning originals from a client computer (TWAIN Scanner)

You can use the TWAIN driver to scan originals from networked client computers.

For details, see chapter 7 "Scanning Originals with the Network TWAIN Scanner".

Storing files

Scan files can be stored on the machine's hard disk or saved on a removable memory device.

  • Storing files on the machine's hard disk

    You can do various things with files that are stored on the hard disk, such as save them in shared folders or send them by e-mail.

    For details, see chapter 4 "Storing Files Using the Scanner Function".

  • Saving files on a removable memory device

    You can save scan files on a removable memory device such as a USB flash memory or an SD card.

    For details, see chapter 5 "Saving Scan Files on a Removable Memory Device".


  • This machine's scanner functions are only available as network functions. They are not available through direct USB connection.