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Confirming a Virtual Printer Configuration

Use this procedure to confirm a virtual printer configuration.

1Start Web Image Monitor.

For details about login user names and passwords, see "Using Web Image Monitor", Network and System Settings Reference.

2In the menu area, click [Configuration], and then click [Virtual Printer Settings] in the "Printer" category.

A list of available virtual printers appears.

3Select the virtual printer whose configuration details you want to confirm, and then click [Details].

A configuration list for the selected virtual printer appears.


  • [Details] is not displayed if you log in to Web Image Monitor as an administrator. To confirm the current virtual printer configuration, click [Change].

  • If the virtual printers function is set to [Inactive] in [Virtual Printer], the list of available virtual printers is not displayed. Set the virtual printers function to [Active]. To set the virtual printers function to [Active], you must logon as an administrator. For details, see "Printing Using a Virtual Printer".