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PDF Menu

This section describes the user tools in the PDF Menu under Printer Features.

This menu appears only when an optional PostScript 3 unit is installed.

Change PDF Password

You can set the password for the PDF file printed using PDF Direct Print.

  • Current Password

    • New Password

    • Confirm New Password

[New Password] and [Confirm New Password] appear only when [Current Password] is set.

A password can be also set using Web Image Monitor, but in this case the password information is sent through the network. If security is a priority, set the password using this menu from the control panel.

PDF Group Password

This setting is not available on this machine.

Reverse Order Printing

You can specify whether the machine automatically prints in reverse order.

Default: [Off]


You can set the print resolution in dots per inch.

Default: [600 dpi (Fast)]

Colour Setting

You can make an RGB setting.

Default: [Super Fine]

Colour Profile

You can set the color profile.

Default: [Auto]

Process Colour Model

Specify the color model.

Default: [Colour]


  • To change default settings, see "Accessing User Tools".