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PictBridge Printing

Follow the procedure below to start PictBridge printing on this machine.


  • Do not disconnect the USB cable while data is being sent. If you do, printing will fail.

  • Use the USB cable bundled to your digital camera.

1Check the machine and the digital camera are both switched on.

2Using a USB cable, connect the digital camera to the machine's USB host interface (on the rear left) or the optional media slot.

Illustration of USB connection

3On your digital camera, select the images you want to print, and specify the printing conditions.

The machine receives settings from the digital camera and starts printing.


  • Since printing conditions are specified on the digital camera, specifiable meters depend on the particular digital camera. For details, see your digital camera's manual.

  • Some digital cameras require settings for manual PictBridge operation. For details, see your digital camera's manual.