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Overview of Direct Printing from Removable Memory Device

This section provides an overview of the direct printing function from removable memory devices.


  • USB flash memory devices and SD cards are supported for direct printing. However, certain types of USB flash memory devices and SD cards cannot be used. For details, contact your sales or service representative.

  • Only removable memory devices that are FAT16 or FAT32 formatted are compatible with this machine.

  • This machine does not support the use of external USB hubs or SD card readers.

  • USB flash memory devices with password protection or other security features might not be compatible with this machine.

  • Do not install the media slot on devices other than this machine (on a computer, for example).

  • Connect only USB flash memory to the USB slot; do not connect any other type of USB device.

  • Do not turn off the machine while a removable memory device is being accessed. Doing so can damage the memory device and corrupt its data.

  • If the machine is accidentally turned off while a removable memory device is being accessed, check that the data on the removable memory device has not been corrupted.

  • It is possible that any data stored in the removable memory device will be damaged or lost by user error during operation or software error. Be sure to back up of all data beforehand. The manufacturer shall not be liable to you for damages or loss of any data produced by using this function.

About file formats

  • JPEG files

    • Exif version 1.0 or later JPEG files are compatible with this function.

  • TIFF files

    • Following types of TIFF files are compatible with this function: uncompressed TIFF files, or TIFF files compressed using the MH, MR, or MMR method.

  • PDF files

    • This function is possible for genuine Adobe PDF files only.

    • PDF files whose PDF version is 1.7 (Acrobat 8.0 compatible) or earlier can be printed.

    • PDF files created using PDF version 1.5 Crypt Filter functions or more than eight DeviceN Color Space components cannot be printed.

    • PDF files created using PDF version 1.6 watermark note functions, or extended optional contents cannot be printed.

    • PDF files whose PDF version is 1.7 (Acrobat 9.0 compatible) or higher can be printed as long as they do not use any functions that are exclusive to those versions.

    • If the document contains transparency function data, it may fail to print. When this happens, use the printer driver to print the document.

    • Some types of High Compression PDF files may not be printed.

    • If print jobs through PDF direct printing are being canceled, select [Font Priority] for [Memory Usage] in [System] in [Printer Features]. If print jobs are being canceled even though [Font Priority] has been selected, print using the printer driver from a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.