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Configuring Classification Codes

Use Web Image Monitor to specify whether or not to apply classification code requirement to print jobs.


  • The configuration page can be printed at any time.

  • The default setting for classification code requirement is "Optional".

1Start Web Image Monitor.

2Click [Login].

A dialog box for entering the login user name and login password appears.

3Enter the login user name and password, and then click [Login].

For details about the login user name and password, consult your network administrator.

4Click [Configuration] in the left area, and then click [Logs].

5Check that [Required] or [Optional] is selected for [Classification Code] in the [Common Settings for All Logs] column.

If "Required" is selected for the classification code requirement setting in Web Image Monitor, any print job that without a classification code specified will not be printed.

6Click [OK].

7Click [Logout].

8Quit Web Image Monitor.