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PDF Direct Print Properties

Application screen illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Setting name:

    Displays the plug-in configuration name (up to 63 single byte characters)

  2. Change Icon...

    Changes the icon displayed on the tool bar.

  3. Printer:

    Displays printer's IP address or hostname.

  4. Duplex

    Prints on both sides of sheets.

  5. Layout

    Prints multiple pages on a single sheet.

  6. Punch

    Punches holes in printed sheets.

  7. Staple

    Staples together printed sheets.

  8. Display this dialog box before printing

    Appears in PDF direct printing mode if this check box is selected.

  9. Orientation:

    Specify the original's orientation.

  10. Number of copies

    Specify the number of copies to print.

  11. Collate

    Sorts printed sheets.

  12. Range:

    Specify which paper to print.

  13. Printout paper size:

    Specify the paper size you want copies to be printed onto.

  14. Color/Black and White:

    Specify color or black-and-white printing.

  15. Resolution:

    Specify a print resolution.