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Using DeskTopBinder Lite

This section explains how to print PDF files directly without having to open a PDF application by using DeskTopBinder Lite. To use this function, you must first download DeskTopBinder Lite from the manufacture's Website and install it on your computer. Contact your local dealer for information on downloading DeskTopBinder Lite.


  • This function is possible only when an optional PostScript 3 unit is installed.

  • This function is possible for genuine Adobe PDF files only.

  • PDF files whose PDF version is 1.7 (Acrobat 8.0 compatible) or earlier can be printed.

  • PDF files created using PDF version 1.5 Crypt Filter functions or more than eight DeviceN Color Space components cannot be printed.

  • PDF files created using PDF version 1.6 watermark note functions, or extended optional contents cannot be printed.

  • PDF files whose PDF version is 1.7 (Acrobat 9.0 compatible) or higher can be printed as long as they do not use any functions that are exclusive to those versions.

  • If the document contains transparency function data, it may fail to print. When this happens, use the printer driver to print the document.

  • Some types of High Compression PDF files may not be printed.

  • If print jobs through PDF direct printing are being canceled, select [Font Priority] for [Memory Usage] in [System] in [Printer Features]. If print jobs are being canceled even though [Font Priority] has been selected, print using the printer driver from a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.


  • Paper size errors may occur when printing on custom size paper.