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If Error Occurs with the Specified Paper Size and Type

An error message appears on the control panel when there is no tray for the selected paper size or type, or when paper loaded in the machine has run out. In that case, you can select the tray manually to continue printing, or cancel a print job.


  • The tray cannot be changed if the following functions are set:

    • Staple

    • Punch

    • Duplex Print to a tray that does not support duplex printing

    • Front Cover Sheet

    • Back Cover Sheet

    • Slip Sheet

    • Chaptering

    • Chapter Slip Sheets


  • If you cancel duplex printing through the error message, printing will continue from the tray that you select manually.

  • If any of the following functions are set, you can continue printing by canceling the function:

    • Staple

    • Punch

    • Duplex

  • If [Auto Continue] is enabled, printing from the manually selected tray will begin after a specified interval. For details about [Auto Continue], see "System".