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Chapter Page

The specified page is printed on the same side as the first page, like a book. Also, you can insert chapter slip sheets before specified pages.


  • The same paper feed tray cannot be set for the body of the document and the slip sheet.

You can select one of the following chapter page settings:

The following illustrations show the output patterns for Leave Blank, One Side, and Lead Chapter Page.

If [Auto Tray Select] is selected in the [Input Tray:] list for the body paper, the paper will be delivered from a tray containing paper in the Portrait orientation. Therefore, when the slip sheet has been set to the Landscape orientation, the orientation of the output slip sheet and body will be different.


  • You can designate up to 20 locations using the printer driver.

  • This function can be used together with combine (layout) printing.

  • When the page specified as a chapter slip sheet print is the first page in the first chapter, and a cover sheet is specified on the same page, the chapter slip sheet print will be canceled due to cover sheet priority.

  • The slip sheet should be the same size and orientation as the body paper.

  • For details about printing methods, see the printer driver Help.