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Menu Names and Brief Overview of Each Function

The following is an overview of the settings that are available using the [Finishing], [Paper], and [Effects] menus in the [Menu:] area.

The PCL 6 printer driver's menus are shown as examples. For details about the PCL 5c printer driver, see the printer driver Help.

Finishing menu

You can enable/disable collate, staple, and punch functions.

  • Collate

    When printing multiple sets of documents such as handouts for meetings, you can have prints delivered in batches of ordered sets.

  • Staple

    With an optional finisher installed, sets can be stapled individually when printing multiple sets.

  • Punch

    With an optional finisher and punch unit installed, holes can be punched into printed outputs.

Paper menu

You can enable/disable the collate function.

  • Front Cover sheet/ Back Cover sheet

    Using this function, you can insert cover sheet/ back cover sheet fed from a different tray to that of the main paper, and print on them.

  • Chapter Page

    Using this function, you can have specified pages always printed on the same side as the first page, or have chapter slip sheets inserted before specified pages.

  • Slip Sheet

    A slip sheet can be inserted between each page.

Effects menu

  • Watermarks

    This function increases a document's security and identifiability by embedding a specified text (watermark) on every page.