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Quick Install

You can install the printer drivers easily from the CD-ROM provided with this machine.

Using Quick Install, the PCL 6 printer driver is installed under network environment, and the Standard TCP/IP port will be set.


  • Manage Printers permission is required to install the drivers. Log on as an Administrators group member.

  • If you connect using USB, see "Installing the Printer Driver Using USB" and install the printer driver.

1Quit all applications currently running.

2Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

The installer starts.

3Select an interface language, and then click [OK].

4Click [Quick Install].

The software license agreement appears in the [License Agreement] dialog box.

5After reading the agreement, click [I accept the agreement.], and then click [Next >].

6Select the machine model you want to use in the [Select Printer] dialog box.

For network connection via TCP/IP, select the machine whose IP address is displayed in [Connect To].

For parallel connection, select the machine whose printer port is displayed in [Connect To].

7Click [Install].

If the [Hardware Installation] message appears, click [Continue Anyway].

The printer driver installation starts.

The PCL 6 printer driver is installed in the language specified by your operating system.

8Click [Finish].

A message about restarting the computer appears. Restart the computer to complete installation.

9Click [Exit] in the first dialog box of the installer, and then take out the CD-ROM.


  • To stop installation of Quick Install, click [Cancel] before installation is complete.

  • Auto Run may not work with certain operating system settings. If this happens, launch "Setup.exe" on the CD-ROM root directory.

  • Quick Install is not available unless bidirectional communication between the machine and computer is enabled via parallel connection. For details about meeting the bidirectional communication conditions, see "Making Option Settings for the Printer".