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Initial Display


  • The machine switches to offline when you make settings in online mode. After you complete the setting, the machine switches to online automatically.

  • If you make a setting when the machine is offline, it will stay offline afterwards.

  • The function items displayed serve as selector keys. You can select or specify an item by pressing it lightly.

  • When you select or specify an item on the control panel, it becomes highlighted.

  • Keys dimmed (for example,Illustration of ok key) cannot be used.

Operation panel screen illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Operational status or messages

    Displays current machine status, such as “Ready”, “Offline”, and “Printing...”. Information about the print job (user ID and document name) appears in this section.

  2. Paper Tray Status indicators

    The paper tray settings appear.

  3. Error Log

    Press to display the error logs of print jobs sent from a computer.

  4. Spooling Job List

    Press to display spooled jobs.

  5. Estimated time until printing completes

    Displays estimated time until printing completes after receiving all data from the computer.

  6. Print from Memory Storage Device

    Press to display the screen for printing files stored on removable memory devices directly.

  7. Print Jobs

    Press to display print jobs sent from a computer.

  8. Job Reset

    Press to cancel the current print job.

    If you press it when the machine is offline and Hex Dump is selected, Hex Dump is canceled.

  9. Form Feed

    Press to print all the data left in the machine's input buffer.

    • When the machine is online, the status appears dimly.

  10. imageOnline / imageOffline

    Press to switch the machine between online and offline.

    When the machine is online, it can receive data from the computer.

    When the machine is offline, it cannot receive data from the computer.


  • When the power is turned on, the copier display is shown. This is a factory default. This initial setting can be changed. For details, see "System Settings", Network and System Settings Reference.