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Backing Up Hard Disk Data

You can store data such as images and Address Book information on the machine's hard disk.

This section describes how to back up or download this data.


  • If the machine's hard disk fails, data stored on it, including Address Book information might be lost. For this reason, do not save important data on the machine's hard disk without backing it up or downloading it. We also recommend backing up fonts, forms, and any other downloaded resources that are stored on the hard disk. The manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from lost data.


  • You can use SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin or Web Image Monitor to back up the machine's Address Book. For details about SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, see the manual for SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin. For details about Web Image Monitor, see the Help for Web Image Monitor.

  • You can use Web Image Monitor to download data stored on the Document Server to your computer. For details about how to do this, see “Downloading Stored Documents with Web Image Monitor”, Copy and Document Server ReferenceIllustration indicating instructions stored on a CD-ROM, or the Help for Web Image Monitor.