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Dos and Don'ts

The following items should be followed during use of this machine.


  • Do not use flammable sprays or solvents in the vicinity of this machine. Doing so could result in fire or electric shock.


  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before you move the machine. While moving the machine, take care that the power cord is not damaged under the machine. Failing to take these precautions could result in fire or electric shock.


  • Do not turn the power off while the operation switch indicator is lit or blinking. Doing so may damage the hard disk.

  • Before unplugging the power cord or turning off the main power switch, make sure remaining memory space is at 100%, as shown on the screen. See “Turning On/Off the Power”.

  • Do not touch areas on or around the fusing unit. These areas get hot.

  • After scanning originals continuously, the exposure glass may become warm - this is not a malfunction.

  • The area around the ventilation holes might feel warm. This is caused by exhaust air and is not a malfunction.

  • If the machine is moved from a cold to a warm place, condensation may form inside it. After moving the machine, do not use it for at least an hour. The machine requires this time to adapt to its new environment.

  • The machine will malfunction if its internal temperature becomes too high. Be sure not to block the intake and exhaust vents.

  • Do not turn off the power while the machine is in operation. See “Turning On/Off the Power”.

  • Do not open the covers of the machine when it is in operation. If you do, misfeeds might occur.

  • Do not move or tilt the machine when the power is on.

  • Do not allow small objects such as paper clips to fall into or become stuck inside the machine.

  • Do not knock the machine while it is operating (for instance, do not use the machine's surfaces to knock stacks of paper into square).

  • Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, steam may come from the exhaust vent behind the control panel during printing. This is water vapor from the paper, not a sign of malfunction.

  • If condensation forms inside the machine as a result of temperature change, the machine may not print properly. To minimize this problem, use the optional anti-condensation heaters.

  • The optional anti-humidity heater and optional anti-condensation heater warm the machine's interior to prevent it becoming too humid. These heaters keep the machine warm even if it is switched off.

  • Be sure to make a note of the registered machine settings in case they are lost due to accident or malfunction.

  • The manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a failure of the machine, loss of settings, or use of the machine.


When you use this machine in a confined space without good ventilation for a long time or print large quantities, you might detect an odd smell.

This might cause the output paper to also have an odd smell.

When you detect an odd smell, regularly ventilate in order to keep the workplace comfortable.

  • Set up the machine so that it does not directly ventilate towards people.

  • Ventilation should be more than 30m3/hr/person.

New machine smell

When a machine is new, it might have a unique smell. This smell will subside in about one week.

When you detect an odd smell, sufficiently ventilate and circulate the air in the room.

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