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Reading the HTML Manuals on the CD-ROMs

This section describes how to read the HTML manuals on the supplied manual CD-ROMs.

1Insert the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive of your computer.

2Select a language and a product, and then click [OK].

3Click [Read HTML manuals].

Installation screen illustration

4Click the title of manual you want to read.

The browser opens, and then the manual appears.


  • Recommended browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 6 or later

    • Firefox 3.5 or later

    • Safari 4.0 or later

  • Non-recommended browsers can display the simplified manual only.

  • If you are using an earlier or non-recommended browser and the simplified version of the documentation does not appear automatically, open index.htm, which can be found in the following folder on the CD-ROM: MANUAL_HTML\LANG\(language)\(manual)\unv

  • Depending on your computer's operating environment, the HTML manual you select will be one of the following:

    • Standard version

    • Simplified version

  • If you want to read the HTML manuals on a Macintosh, insert the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, and then click [Read HTML manuals].

  • If JavaScript is disabled or unavailable in your browser, you will not be able to search or use certain buttons in the HTML documentation.