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Unusable Paper

This section describes paper unusable on this machine.


  • Do not attempt to print on stapled sheets, aluminum foil, carbon paper, or any kind of conductive paper. Doing so risks fire.


  • To prevent faults, do not use any of the following kinds of treated paper:

    • Paper for inkjet printers

    • Thermal fax paper

    • Art paper

    • Aluminum foil

    • Carbon paper

    • Conductive paper

    • Paper with perforated lines

    • Hemmed-edge paper

    • Color OHP transparencies with easily melted coatings

    • Window envelopes

  • Faults can occur if you copy or print onto sides that are already printed. Take care to copy or print onto unprinted sides only.


  • To prevent misfeeds, do not use the following kinds of paper:

    • Bent, folded, or creased paper

    • Perforated paper

    • Slippery paper

    • Torn paper

    • Rough paper

    • Thin paper with little stiffness

    • Paper with a dusty surface

  • Even supported types of paper may cause paper jams or malfunctions if the paper is not in good condition.

  • If you copy or print onto rough grain paper, the output image might be blurred.

  • Do not load sheets that have already been printed onto by another machine. (Sheets can become jammed if they have been improperly stored.)