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Loading Paper into Lower Paper Tray or Lower Paper Trays

This section describes how to load paper into the lower paper tray or the lower paper trays.


  • Check the paper edges are aligned with the right side.

1Carefully pull out the paper tray until it stops.

Optional paper tray illustration

2Square the paper and load it print side up.

Do not stack paper over the limit mark.

Optional paper tray illustration

3Carefully push the paper tray fully in.


  • When loading a low number of sheets, be sure not to squeeze the side fences in too tightly. If the paper bows, it might not feed in properly.

  • If a paper tray is pushed vigorously when putting it back into place, the position of the tray's side fences may slip out of place.

  • Various sizes of paper can be loaded in the paper trays by adjusting the positions of side fences and end fence. For details, see “Changing the Paper Size”.

  • Each tray can hold up to 500 sheets.