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Loading Paper into Trays 1 - 2

This section describes how to load paper into trays 1 hyphen 2.

Each paper tray is loaded in the same way.

In the following example procedure, paper is loaded in tray 2.


  • Check the paper edges are aligned at the right side.

1Carefully pull out the paper tray until it stops.

Tray 2 illustration

2Press the metal plate down until it clicks.

Tray 2 illustration

3Square the paper and load it print side up.

Do not stack paper over the limit mark.

Tray 2 illustration

4Carefully push the paper tray fully in.


  • When loading a low number of sheets, be sure not to squeeze the side fences in too tightly. If the paper bows, it might not feed in properly.

  • If a paper tray is pushed vigorously when putting it back into place, the position of the tray's side fences may slip out of place.

  • Various sizes of paper can be loaded in the paper trays by adjusting the positions of side fences and end fence. For details, see “Changing the Paper Size”.

  • Each tray can hold up to 250 sheets.