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Saving Energy

This section explains the machine's energy saving functions.

This machine has the following energy saving functions.

Energy Saver

If you do not use the machine for a certain period after an operation, or when you press the [Energy Saver] key, the display disappears and the machine goes into Energy Saver mode. When you press the [Energy Saver] key again, the machine returns to the ready condition. The machine uses less electricity in Energy Saver mode.

You can change the amount of time the machine waits before switching to Energy Saver mode after copying has finished or the last operation is performed under Panel Off Timer.

Auto Off

If the machine remains inactive for a specified period, it automatically enters the same low power state that it enters when the operation switch is pressed (indicator unlit). This function is called “Auto Off”.

You can change the Auto Off time under Auto Off Timer.


  • See “System Settings”, Network and System Settings ReferenceIllustration indicating instructions stored on a CD-ROM.

  • The Energy Saver and Auto Off functions will not operate in the following cases:

    • When a warning message appears

    • When the service call message appears

    • When paper is jammed

    • When the cover is open

    • When the “Add Toner” message appears

    • When toner is being replenished

    • When the User Tools / Counter / Inquiry screen is displayed

    • When fixed warm-up is in progress

    • When data is being processed

    • When operations are suspended during printing

    • When the On-hook dialing function is in use

    • When the handset is in use

    • When a recipient is being registered in the address list or group dial list

    • When the Data In indicator is on or blinking

    • When the screen of a document that was stored under the printer function appears. (The machine enters Energy Saver mode if this happens.)

    • When the sample print, locked print, hold print, or stored print screen is displayed

    • When the internal cooling fan is active