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When the Authentication Screen is Displayed

This section explains the authentication screen.


  • Ask the user administrator for the Login User Name, Login Password, and User Code. For details about user authentication, contact your administrator.

  • User Code to enter on User Code Authentication is the numerical value registered in the Address Book as “User Code”.

If Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication, LDAP Authentication, or Integration Server Authentication is active, the authentication screen appears on the display. The machine only becomes operable after entering your own Login User Name and Login Password. If User Code Authentication is active, you cannot use the machine until you enter the User Code.

If you can use the machine, you can say that you are logged in. When you go out of the operable state, you can say that you are logged out. After logging in the machine, be sure to log out of it to prevent unauthorized usage.


  • If authentication fails, the “Authentication has failed.” message appears. Check that the Login User Name and Login Password are correct.