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Energy Saving Functions

To reduce its power consumption, this machine has the following functions:

Sleep Mode

  • If this machine remains idle for a specified period, it automatically enters Sleep Mode to reduce its electrical consumption.

  • The default delay time the machine waits before entering Sleep Mode is 1 minute. This default time can be changed.

  • The machine can print jobs from computers and receive faxes while in Sleep Mode.


Type 1

Type 2

Reduced Electrical Consumption by Sleep Mode

1.0 W

1.0 W

Time of Switch into Sleep Mode

1 minute

1 minute

Time of Switch out from Sleep Mode

10 seconds

10 seconds


  • Specifications can vary depending on which options are installed on the machine.

  • For details about how to change the default interval, see “Timer Settings”, Network and System Settings ReferenceIllustration indicating instructions stored on a CD-ROM.

  • Depending on which Embedded Software Architecture application is installed on it, the machine might take longer than indicated to enter Sleep Mode.