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Using the Machine's Address Book as the LAN-Fax Destination List

Using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, you can copy the machine's Address Book data as a CSV file to a computer. This file can then be used as the LAN-Fax Destination List, and can also be installed on the machine using [Address Management Tool]. This section explains how to use the Address Book for LAN-Fax.


  • To use this function, you must first download SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin from the manufacturer's Web site and install it on your computer. Contact your local dealer for information on downloading SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.


  • When destinations registered in groups by this machine are inserted into Address Book, each person's destination is determined according to the following order of priority (check before inserting and changing the order of priority, if necessary): IP-Fax destination Fax number E-mail address

  • Depending on the machine type, you may not be able to use the machine when it is updating the Address Book using CSV files (retrieved using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin) that contain user codes.

  • For details, see “SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin” Help.