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Two-Sided Printing

You can have a received document printed on both sides of a sheet.

Illustration of two-sided printing


  • To use this function, all pages of the received document must be of the same size-inform the sending party of this beforehand if necessary. You must also have paper set in the machine of the same size as that sent by the sending party. In Two-Sided Printing, this machine will correctly receive in A3Landscape, B4 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)Landscape, A4PortraitLandscape, B5 JISPortraitLandscape, A5PortraitLandscape (11 × 17Landscape, 81/2 × 14Landscape, 81/2 × 11PortraitLandscape, 51/2 × 81/2PortraitLandscape). The following table shows the results that can be achieved when receiving with this machine.

    Illustration of two-sided printing

  • This function works only when all pages are of the same width and received into memory.

  • This function cannot be used with Combine Two Originals.


  • You can turn this function on or off using 2 Sided Print in the Facsimile Features menu. For details, see “Reception Settings”.

  • Printouts may vary depending on how the sender sets the originals.

  • You can select to have documents only from selected senders printed in this way.

  • Stored documents of the same size are printed on the same paper. Some stored documents may be unavailable for this printing option.