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Using a Program

This section explains how to recall and use a registered program.

1Make sure that the machine is in facsimile mode and the standby display is shown.

If the standby display is not shown, press the [Facsimile] key.

2Place the original.

3Press the [Program] key.

Program key illustration

4Confirm that [Recall] is selected, and press the registered program number.

Operation panel screen illustration

The standby display appears.

The programmed fax number appears and the registered settings are recalled.

5Press the [Start] key.

The machine starts to scan the original.

Then, transmission starts with the recalled transmission settings.


  • Using the program causes the previous settings to be cleared.

  • If you have no programmed destinations or scan settings as programs, select the program number, and then enter the fax number of the destination and select the scan settings you require.