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Checking the Memory Status

Use this function to display a summary of current memory usage.

On the standby display you can check the percentage of free memory space. Note that destinations are stored in a separate memory location, not in free memory space.

In addition, in [System Status] you can check the number of “Transmission Standby File(s)”, “Memory Lock File(s)”, and “RX Print Standby File(s)”. “Others” shows the total number of documents registered in Information Box and received in Personal Box. See “Checking Machine Status and Settings”, Troubleshooting.

If available memory falls below the specified minimum, a message reporting this will appear. Delete stored files as required.


  • If you set the “Reception File Setting” in the Facsimile Features menu to “Store”, you can check the number of received documents using “RX Print Standby File(s)”.