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Programming/Changing a Scan Size

This section describes how to program a Scan Size.

1Press [Facsimile Features].

2Press [Scan Settings].

3Press [Program / Change / Delete Scan Size].

4Make sure that [Program / Change] is selected.

5Select [Program Size 1] or [Program Size 2].

Operation panel screen illustration

6Enter a horizontal size using the number keys.

Operation panel screen illustration

Each time you press [mm] or [inch], the units switch between “mm” and “inch”.

If you enter a length and press [mm] or [inch], the length is converted automatically according to the unit (fractions are rounded off). For example, when you enter [2], [2], and [0] in millimeters and change to “inch”, the length 8.7 “inch” is shown on the display. If you press [mm] again, “221 mm” is displayed.

If you make a mistake, press [Clear], and then try again.

To cancel a scan size, press [Cancel].

7Select a vertical size, and then press [OK].

The displayed vertical size differs depending on the selected unit. When [mm] is selected, [Auto Detect], [210 mm (A4)], [257 mm (B4 JIS)], [297 mm (A3)], [216 mm (8 1/2)], and [279 mm (11)] are shown. When [inch] is selected, [Auto Detect], [8.3 inch (A4)], [10.1 inch (B4 JIS)], [11.7 inch (A3)], [8.5 inch], and [11.0 inch] are shown.

To cancel a scan size, press [Cancel].

8Press [Exit].

9Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.