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SMTP Reception File Delivery Settings

This section describes the SMTP Reception File Delivery Settings menu under Facsimile Features.

When an authorized e-mail address is set, e-mail received from addresses that do not match the authorized address is discarded, and an error message is returned to the SMTP server.

The authorized e-mail address is compared with the addresses of e-mail originators, as described by the following examples.

No Error Report is output even when e-mail is discarded.

This function is available on systems that allow routing of e-mail received via SMTP.

1Press [Facsimile Features].

2Press [Reception Settings].

3Press [SMTP RX File Delivery Settings].

4Press [On].

Operation panel screen illustration

5Press [Change].

Operation panel screen illustration

6Enter the sending e-mail address to be authorized.

If you make a mistake, press [], [], [Backspace], or [Delete All], and then enter again.

7Press [OK].

8Press [Security].

If not specifying the security function, proceed to step 11.

Security is set to use S/MIME authentication. For details about the security settings, consult your administrator.

Operation panel screen illustration

9Select the security functions.

To specify encryption for documents for delivery, press [Encryption]. To use the encryption function, the address must be stored in the Address Book and have the encryption option enabled. For details about Encryption, consult your administrator.

To attach a signature to documents for delivery, press [Signature]. For details about Signature, consult your administrator.

Operation panel screen illustration

10Press [OK].

11Press [OK].

12Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.


  • If you have specified e-mail destination for delivery, you can specify the file format used for delivery. See “Parameter Settings” (switch 21, bit 3).

  • Select [Encrypt All] in the encryption settings and encrypted e-mail is sent regardless of the encryption settings in [Security]. For details about encryption, consult your administrator.

  • The electronic signature is limited in the following ways, depending on the S/MIME settings on Web Image Monitor. For details about the electronic signature, consult your administrator.

    • If [Set Individually] is set:

      You can set [Signature] in [Security] and attach an electronic signature to email for every transmission.

    • If [Do not Use Signatures] is set:

      Even if you press [Security], [Signature] does not appear.

    • If [Use Signatures] is set:

      An electronic signature is attached when you send email. The [Signature] setting in [Security] cannot be cancelled.