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Immediate Transmission

Immediate Transmission is possible with standard fax transmission and IP-Fax transmission.


  • Internet Fax, e-mail transmission and folder transmission are performed using Memory Transmission, which automatically starts transmission after storing documents in memory. If you switch the type of transmission to them while the machine is in Immediate Transmission mode, the transmission mode is automatically switched to Memory Transmission.

  • Group cannot be used for Immediate Transmission. You cannot send the same document to multiple destinations (broadcasting). If you specify broadcast or transmission for a group, the machine changes automatically to Memory Transmission.

1Press [Immed. TX].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Place the original into the ADF.

3Select the scan settings you require.

Operation panel screen illustration

For details about the scan settings, see “Scan Settings”.

4Using the number keys or a Destination key, specify a destination.

Operation panel screen illustration

If you make a mistake, press the [Clear/Stop] key, and then enter the correct number.

For details about specifying a destination, see “Specifying a Destination”.

5Press the [Start] key.

The machine dials a destination.


  • Documents are not stored in memory.