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Reading the Display

This section explains how to use control panel and screen-displayed keys.

The display guides you through operations, shows messages, machine status, and destinations registered in the destination lists.

If you press the [Facsimile] or [Clear Modes] key during operation, the standby display appears.


  • This machine automatically returns to standby mode if you do not use the machine for a certain period of time. You can select the period using the Facsimile Auto Reset Timer in System Settings.

  • The Facsimile Features menu includes a user parameter setting (switch 17, bit 3) that enables you to configure the machine to return to standby mode whenever it finishes scanning an original, see “Parameter Settings”.

  • To manually return to the standby display, do one of the following:

    • If you have placed the original in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and have not pressed the [Start] key, remove the original.

    • If you have not placed an original, press the [Clear Modes] key.

    • If you are in User Tools mode, press the [User Tools/Counter] key.